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About Us

URBANDER is a solution-based agency that specializes in assisting companies and organizations in developing groundbreaking business development and marketing plans with a strong focus on Diversity. Our primary functions are to help you achieve and experience growth by:

  • Identifying and assessing new business opportunities
  • Setting forth an action plan tailored to meet established goals
  • Implementing innovative business strategies
URBANDER’s business approach incorporates communication platforms at multiple touch points to create Marketing, Content Development, Research, Advertising, Branding, Graphic Design, Video Production, Hispanic Outreach, Translations and Cultural Competency programs that are meaningful and bring value to people. We become our clients’ partners, providing a fresh set of eyes to help uncover untapped sources of revenue.

The first step is to acknowledge that consumer behavior is fluid, ever changing and largely influenced by culture. Then, your business development strategies and marketing efforts must follow suit.

URBANDER can work with you on determining the wants and needs of your diverse consumer base and the best ways to connect with them, resulting in new revenue streams for your company. Each member of our team tackles each assignment with the following five tenets in mind:

  1. It takes vision, planning and drive to reach new heights.
  2. Smart business requires creativity and calculated risk.
  3. Effective marketing touches people in a meaningful way.
  4. Healthy business partnerships generate healthy returns.
  5. Challenges can always be transformed into opportunity.
We invite you to call us to set-up a complimentary consultation, and reach new heights with URBANDER as your business development and marketing resource.

Our Capabilities

In business, preparedness is crucial in developing the image, reputation and results you desire, and in building a long-lasting relationship with your client base. URBANDER’s role is to help companies enhance their approach to market by developing a cohesive, distinctive and compelling corporate presence that will favorably impact your targeted populations helping increase awareness of your brand and what you have to offer. At the end of the day, engagement and buy-in are the overarching goals.

Strategic Marketing

URBANDER’s marketing capabilities cover a wide range of projects. We specialize in developing effective marketing plans that touch people in a meaningful way to obtain a positive response. Our focus is to help companies with their new business endeavors, whether it’s a marketing initiative, an ad campaign, a sales pitch, a product launch, a special event, community outreach, market research, or revamping their branding efforts.

Graphic Solutions

URBANDER branding specialists and talented graphic designers have over 65 years of combined experience assisting companies articulate their identity. From corporate branding, logos and promotional materials to video production, packaging and product catalogs, we deliver original and creative graphic design concepts that are effective, meaningful and functional.

Language Services

URBANDER language experts fully command English and Spanish to convert promotional or educational materials into either language. We caution our clients to avoid literal translations that strip the authentic meaning and punch from the original content. Each language conversion tackled by URBANDER undergoes a 2-step process: a lead language expert converts the content into the language required, and then submits it to the designated URBANDER proofreader for final review.

Content Development

Original content is king when developing an effective strategy that will resonate with target audiences and foster a deeper and more purposeful connection with your brand. The connective tissue that characterizes preferred content is that it does not pander—rather, it is organic, multi-dimensional, candid, entertaining, and originated by reputable and well-respected sources. URBANDER facilitates a cultural conversation that is high-impact, meaningful, and engaging, helping grow your brand’s following organically and systematically.

Meet The Team

Each one of URBANDER’s marketing executives has decades of experience in their respective fields allowing us to deliver outstanding performance in the four cornerstones of our agency services: Strategic Marketing, Graphic Solutions, Language Services and Content Development.

Sami Haiman-Marrero

Samí Haiman-Marrero


Samí is the Founder and President of URBANDER and one of the nation’s leading business development and marketing experts today specializing in the U.S. Hispanic market. She was a key player in revolutionizing the Hispanic media landscape by introducing an...

Sami Haiman-Marrero

Scott Marrero

Creative Director

Scott Marrero creates, builds, shapes, designs, inspires. At a very young age, he learned the craft of woodworking from his father, a master furniture and cabinetmaker, which allowed him to skillfully tap into his artistic edge during his childhood. Scott later attended...

Sami Haiman-Marrero

Sam Haiman

Senior Consultant

Sam fulfilled a successful career as a highway safety leader and champion for 29 years at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Eastern Region, headquartered in White Plains, New York. His career started in 1972 as the assistant director of the...

Sami Haiman-Marrero

Taína Haiman

VP, Language Services

Taína began her career at the U.S. Forest Service in San Juan, Puerto Rico while still attending college at the University of Puerto Rico. After receiving her degree in Mass Communications, she worked as an English teacher but later decided to become a freelance multi-service...

Project Sampler

The HOLA Program™

Hispanic Outreach and Language Assistance

URBANDER serves as a cultural lens to ensure that business strategies targeting the Latino segment are supported by cultural relevancy. Latino consumers want to build loyalty with brands that properly represent their voices and authentic identity and empower their heritage by effectively embedding their cultural attributes into how the brand speaks to them. We believe that culture is at the heart of the matter, and invite you to strengthen the Latino voice of your brand with heart.

Strengthening your brand with the Latino consumer affects the bottom line by helping create new revenue streams. We work closely with marketing, communications, branding, sales, editorial/content and executive teams to identify untapped opportunities and set forth an action plan that will allow each department to reach its fullest potential through turnkey programs and campaigns. The main objectives of THE HOLA PROGRAM™ are:

  1. To equip and empower your company through the discovery of much needed information to better understand and communicate with Latino consumers
  2. To enhance/elevate Latino consumer experience with your brand through a culturally relevant approach
  3. To improve Latino consumer satisfaction which will result in increased engagement and sales

In order to be effective in developing and implementing a Latino strategy that will address Latino consumers, it is of extreme importance to secure the commitment and participation of your company at every level so as to ensure a unified and collaborative initiative. The first step is to ascertain your organization’s Latino footprint and the quality of that engagement. Through customized interviews, surveys and focus groups with key stakeholders URBANDER will identify and report on your strengths, weaknesses, areas for growth, and possible overlooked assets within the company as they relate to your Latino business development strategy. Our assessment findings will enable you to better understand your current standing and develop strategies to more effectively respond to the needs of your target Latino consumers.

URBANDER has developed a 2-hour cultural competency workshop to help professionals more effectively respond to the needs of the growing segment of Hispanic consumers in the U.S. by better understanding their culture. Our interactive workshop dives into explaining key facets of Latino culture and demonstrates how to infuse and apply principles, content and themes related to cultural competency and linguistic competency into every aspect of the Hispanic consumer’s experience. The goal is to help you improve your rapport with Hispanic consumers by building trust and familismo, the fundamental conduits for engagement and sales within this segment.

Cultivating a respectful exchange at the community level is not just about building reputation it’s also about nurturing long-lasting relationships that are sustainable and rewarding. URBANDER strongly encourages exercising responsible corporate community engagement for its value to community causes or groups and as a way to build positive brand awareness and reputation. We guide brands in developing strategic partnerships that effectively contribute to the communities and consumers it serves. It’s a two-way conversation that starts at the community level and URBANDER serves as a community concierge that helps build, strengthen or improve brand reputation through community connections.

Video capsules are an entertaining and cost efficient way to tell your brand’s story in English or Spanish. They are great for product demonstrations, for training purposes, to showcase areas of expertise, to document company highlights or milestones, to share special behind-the-scenes footage, to interview real consumers and feature client testimonials. URBANDER has extensive experience in crafting scripts that tell powerful stories and then bringing them to life through skillful editing. We help identify ideal participants and coordinate all of the necessary details to capture those priceless images and sound bites that will captivate your audiences online, on TV or in your boardroom.

The most important asset of any company is its employees, and often times, individuals who are valuable resources remain unnoticed when they can provide leadership from within the organization. URBANDER will help your company ground its organizational commitment to the integration of Latino engagement into your business model by building a Latino sounding board comprised of representatives from internal departments. We will then pair-up your company’s Latino ambassadors with an external panel of cultural connoisseurs, trendsetters and influencers in the community, that will help inform and inspire while delivering sound insight and counsel on the porous identity of Latino consumers. Think of it as an individualized barometer that you can access periodically to identify new trends, discover areas for growth or assess brand perception.

URBANDER presents a unique and permanent way to make an immediate impact in high-dense Hispanic markets through the revitalization of public spaces. Our TableTops™ Recreational Game Parks are inspired by the culturally relevant game of dominoes. The creation of low cost and low maintenance recreational game parks for the enjoyment of citizens of all ages enhance the areas where they are established, and promote community engagement through wholesome recreation. In addition, there are well-documented educational, psychological, medical and socio-economic benefits to regularly participating in table games. Lastly, corporate sponsorships of TableTops™ Recreational Game Parks provide permanent branding opportunities on the actual structures, and a space where sponsored tournaments can be held.

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